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Company profile

   Jiangsu zhenMei packaging technology Co., LTD is located in the coast of littoral, wetland, elk, red-crowned hometown dafeng, here is extremely advantageous geographical location, costal expressway wear condition, north west, xu big expressway, 15 km north can reach ningjingyan expressway and beijing-shanghai expressway, 2 hours drive to Shanghai, is apart from the xinchang railway 3 kilometers, nanyang international airport 20 minutes, east is near national first class open port dafeng port 20 kilometers.
    zhenMei technology introduction industry professionals, using the latest compound printing technology, production not direct contact with drugs or food packaging material thermal lu belt, cold extrusion moulding aluminum, inhibits PTP aluminum foil. One hundred thousand grade purification workshop according to standard design construction.
    Companies adhering to the "quality seek survival, prestige seek development" as the enterprise policy, adhere to the "loyal, pursuing the perfect" of the enterprise purpose, treats people sincerely, to create the perfect packaging, wholeheartedly provide customer the most satisfied packing materials. Wholeheartedly welcome everywhere friends presence dafeng, cooperate, creating the health and a better life!

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The organizer name: Jiangsu zhenMei packaging technology Co., LTD Filing license: Sue ICP prepare 19044489 number
Electricity words: 0515-83233188 mobile: 15365709666 15365703188 preach true: 0515-83233188 E-mail: lyhchina369@163.com
To address: dafeng city in jiangsu province xinfeng industrial clusters. 2 All rights reserved: xinfeng information technology group

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