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Hiring sales advisor

    Responsibilities: 1, responsible to the jurisdiction of the market areas all business personnel management, evaluation and coordination. And the company's corporate culture, new products, new system promptly transmits, promotion to each region, pull the market team morale, increase sales. 2, is responsible for this area business contract review, project operation support, services, etc.
    Requirement: 1, regular facial features.without, affinity and unity cooperation consciousness; 2, professional: electronic commerce, industry and commerce administration, computer kind major preferred; 3, undergraduate, half a year or above related working experience, part work ability, conditions are relatively good junior college degree are also available.
    Mobile phone: 15365709666   15365703188
    Telephone:  0515-83233188
    Fax:  0515-83233188

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Electricity words: 0515-83233188 mobile: 15365709666 15365703188 preach true: 0515-83233188 E-mail: lyhchina369@163.com
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